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Publishers Implement New Tracking Service for Authors

Online book tracking is becoming an important business for publishers due to the fact that authors want to track the sales of their books in real-time. The dreary wait for an annual or bi-annual royalty statement, as well as the allure of wanting to check how many copies have been sold, generally encourages an author to track the sales of his/her book independently.

This well-documented phenomenon is begging for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution because a large part of being a good publisher is providing your authors with adequate post publication support. Trying to do this without external help, may prove to be rather time consuming.

Certain types of online media are increasingly developing methods of online sales analysis that are both convenient and accurate – some even come with the option for you to earn money with you enjoying some added benefits. Let’s take a look at an example of how to make the most of these services and actually put something into your own pocket…

RankTracer has a sound business plan that may efficiently help you with sales ranking. RankTracer has the business facilities to easily allow publishers to provide authors with tracking for their new books. This is 3-step outline of the process:

1.Purchase Trace Credit in bulk - and qualify for the reseller bonus. Trace Credit can be redeemed in the same way as currency.

2.Email Trace Credit to authors whenever a new book is published - for example, $6 allows an author to track their new book for 3 months.

3.Add the price of each subscription to the cost of producing the title - a couple of bucks in the overall process is pretty negligible. Now, you can easily reimburse yourself by adding the cost of your subscription to the cost of making the book.

In turn, you will begin earning money back in sales with the help of additional RankTracer services – you see RankTracer goes even further by promoting and marketing tracked titles online. This additional incentive helps to generate revenue. For you, this means that you will be earning money back before paying out royalties.

This business plan generates various benefits for your authors and you. Have a look:

•Authors - Your authors can indulge in free book tracking for a few months.

•You - Recoup the costs of your subscription by adding it to the cost of making the book and earning it back in sales before paying out royalties, get the additional reseller bonus, get increased sales from RankTracers free online marketing and promotions.

In essence, RankTracer is a powerful tracking tool that provides its subscribers with sales estimates, graphs, reports alerts etc - it is a tried, tested and valuable service. A fee of only $2 per month is all that is required to harness a powerful channel for sales ranking as well as online marketing.

For more information simply visit their and take the specially designed publisher’s tour.

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