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Oregon State Library Joins BCR's Shelf2Life Program

Contact: Brandie Baumann, communications coordinator
800.397.1552; [email protected]

AURORA, Colo., March 11, 2009 — The Oregon State Library is participating in BCR’s Shelf2Life program, bringing its collections of pre-1923 U.S.-published monographs in the fields of genealogy and family history to the public through a print-on-demand program available through hundreds of online book retailers.

“Through this project, these valuable records and narratives of American families will be available to readers across Oregon and the world,” commented Jim Scheppke, Oregon State Librarian. “The State Library is always striving to innovate and adapt their collections and delivery options. By participating in the Shelf2Life Program, the library provides their citizens access to this important content in ways we have never been able to in the past.”

“State library agencies are often overlooked as resources for substantive historical references,” noted Brenda Bailey-Hainer, BCR President and CEO. “I’m delighted that the Shelf2Life Program will make these narratives and records housed at the Oregon State Library more easily accessible beyond the region.”

The Oregon State Library’s Genealogy and Family History Collection is a project that sheds light on the wealth of materials hidden in U.S. libraries. The Collection brings to life critical pre-1923 books that catalog birth, death, marriage, property and migration records of specific families. Many of these families followed interesting immigration and movement patterns from western Europe and beyond to the United States more than 200 years ago. In addition to documenting lines of descendants, these books include information such as last wills and testaments, period photographs of towns, buildings and landscapes, portraits of family members and descriptions of business interactions. Encompassing such comprehensive and personal information, this collection will appeal to professional genealogists and family history researchers, as well as descendants and casual historians.

BCR’s Shelf2Life program was created to help libraries and cultural heritage organizations share their collections with new audiences. By making it easy for libraries to digitize and widen access to their collections, BCR's Shelf2Life program helps libraries increase the visibility, use and recognition of their important collections. The program helps researchers, collectors and readers by putting these editions within easy reach — in print-on-demand or electronic format.

About Oregon State Library
Providing services for over 100 years, the mission of the State Library is to provide quality information services to Oregon state government; provide reading materials to blind and print-disabled Oregonians; and to provide leadership, grants and other assistance to improve local library service for all Oregonians. In order to continue to meet this mission and their high level of service to the citizens of the state of Oregon, the Oregon State Library continually strives to innovate and adapt their collections and delivery options. By participating in the Shelf2Life Program, the library provides their citizens access to this important content in ways they have never been able to in the past.

About BCR
BCR brings libraries together for greater success by expanding their knowledge, reach and power. They offer a broad range of solutions and their hands-on, personal attention to each member enables them to deliver effective and timely solutions that help libraries keep pace with new developments in technology and services. BCR is the nation’s oldest and most established multistate library cooperative. Since 1935, the BCR team has helped libraries learn new skills, reach patrons, increase productivity and save money. BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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