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Koios and Amigos Library Services Announce New Partnership

Dallax, TX (August 23, 2017) - Amigos Library Services today announced its addition of library marketing startup, Koios, to its preferred vendor list. Amigos member libraries will receive a discount on Koios products and services that help them show up in local Google search results.

By partnering with Koios, Amigos Library Services members will be able to get their resources to appear in Google. Many libraries do not realize how many opportunities are available on Google to connect library resources with community needs. Koios can help our members make those connections.

The Libre Online Promotional Suite (Libre OPS) is a new offering from Koios, previously known for their work in browser extensions. According to Koios founder Trey Gordner, Libre substantially advances the young company’s mission to “make borrowing online as easy as buying.” The suite combines the best practices of structured data, search engine optimization, and paid search marketing to propel libraries to the top of local search results. With Libre, the library appears first for searches like "1984 book," "math homework help," and "learn spanish free."

To learn more about Amigos Library Services, visit Additional information about Koios and its products can be found at

About Koios
Koios builds stronger communities around library resources through digital marketing. We enable library materials, programs, and databases to appear in local Google search results and alert Amazon shoppers when they can borrow instead of buy. Our products have been featured in American Libraries Magazine and Information Today, and are used at nearly 50 libraries across the country. To learn more about attracting new patrons and increasing circulation through digital marketing, visit

About Amigos Library Services
Amigos Library Services is a not-for-profit membership-based consortia consisting of over 500 libraries and cultural heritage institutions. Through membership in Amigos, libraries and cultural heritage institutions collectively gain access to the latest innovations and services in the community, opportunities for continuing professional education, negotiated discounts on electronic information resources, access to a rich array of topical online conferences, reliable courier services, and more.

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