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BiblioBoard Fact Sheet: Early 2016; More Publishers, Production Studios, Key Library Partners, Awards

CHARLESTON, South Carolina—In the past year, BiblioBoard added more than 150 new library customers and several new consortia and state customers including MINITEX and RAILS. Additionally it made significant additions to the valuable content available to their library customers in a fixed cost, unlimited multi-user access model. The company also won a Modern Library Award for its new BiblioBoard 6.0 mobile library release.

“We feel good to be expanding not only our services to libraries but also our revenues from them, which means we can take a long term view on this business,” says Founder and Chief Business Officer Mitchell Davis. “We have self-funded our business so we don’t have the same pressures on us as VC-funded startups or private equity businesses. The libraries we are bringing on board are thrilled with the technology and how we serve their needs. They see us as a technology partner helping them serve the needs of 21st Century patrons. Librarians understand that they have to create more engaging digital experiences and we are able to handle everything a library has in its digital collections in one simple interface with no patron frustrations.”

BiblioBoard also significantly enhanced their digital content offerings in 2015, adding more top book publishers, distributors, film studios and archives. All content is available in a fixed price, unlimited multi-user model that librarians are able to promote aggressively to patrons.

“We are seeing a lot of success with content that supports specific programming such as literacy initiatives and engaging younger patrons with library-driven comic programs.” said Davis. “And we are seeing growth in content adoption across all segments, which is exciting for us and the publishers who have embraced this new way of selling to libraries.”

Some of the most notable content additions include:

Indie eBooks
Library Journal SELF-e Select: BiblioBoard and Library Journal are proud to introduce the first set of SELF-e Select Genre Modules. These modules are constantly updated by actively working curators and consist of the top self-published ebook submissions from around the world. They include the work of both well-known and up-and-coming indie authors. The curation service is launching with hundreds of top self-published ebooks and is an ongoing library service. Genres include mystery, thriller, horror, romance, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and contemporary fiction. These modules will be a constant source of discovery of new and exciting literary voices for patrons, regularly updating as SELF-e selections proceed. Recently Library Journal began curating books for small presses and indie publishing houses as well.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Andrews McMeel Universal: With familiar hits including Marmaduke, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert and Garfield, AM Universal brings a host of top-tier comics and graphic novels to BiblioBoard’s ever-growing stock. Beyond the beloved classics, Andrews McMeel also provides a diverse assortment of cookbooks, poetry, photography, children’s titles and more.
Boom Studios: One of the most visually stunning comic book publishers in the industry, Boom Studios brings together innovative artists and captivating plots to yield their selection of bestselling titles and series.
Aspen Comics: Founded by comic legend Michael Turner, Aspen Comics shares an intriguing list of graphic novels featuring its bestselling flagship series Fathom and the increasingly popular Soulfire series.
Red 5 Comics: As one of the first comic book publishers to dive into the digital age, Red 5 Comics is at the forefront of the industry, publishing modern and edgy comics like Atomic Robo and Bad Dreams.
Fantagraphics: Champion of some of the greatest American comics of all time, Fantagraphics is home to notable titles including Snoopy, Peanuts, and Charlie Brown, as well as contemporary series like FBI MINI and Hip Hop Family Tree.

Video Publishers

The National Film Board of Canada: Honored with countless awards and accolades, the National Film Board of Canada brings to BiblioBoard a wealth of quality videos on a variety of subjects. Formats include animated shorts, documentaries and silent films. With collections specialized for children, teens and general audiences, there’s something for everyone.
Stash Media: Stash Media shares outstanding video design tutorials and projects for commercial production, short films, animation and more. Their video collection shows not only the final products but also the behind-the-scenes process to producing such visually stunning creations.
MVD Entertainment Group: MVD is a music and video lover’s dream, boasting hundreds of videos on varied topics from the work of Taylor Swift to mixed martial arts; from documentaries to music videos; from comedy to drama and more.
Travel With Kids: An award-winning television program featured on PBS, Travel With Kids documents one family’s adventures in many parts of the world. From Rome to Peru, this series provides helpful insight into how to travel with children within the context of an exciting and engaging show.

Reluctant Readers / Literacy / Educational Content

Saddleback Publishing: Saddleback Publishing produces quality Hi-Lo content, adapted classics, graphic novels, reading guides and nonfiction titles that are an exciting addition to BiblioBoard’s catalog of Young Adult and children’s content, suited for both educational and entertainment settings.
Monterey Media: Monterey Media Inc. is actively engaged in all areas of domestic media including theatrical distribution, film festivals and other distinctive venues, television, digital delivery and entertainment markets. This product will pair Monterey Media’s highly regarded film adaptations of literary classics with the works themselves as well as historical documents regarding the authors and more.

About BiblioBoard 

BiblioBoard is the PatronsFirst™ mobile library. The folks behind BiblioBoard form a powerful team based in Charleston, South Carolina. They aim to transform access to information by providing a world-class user experience that thrills library patrons and is profitable for publishers. BiblioBoard is moving library content delivery into the future in a sustainable way, and is a proud member of the Charleston Digital Corridor.

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