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BiblioBoard Sees Rapid Expansion of Community Engagement Programs; Public Access Curated Platform Launch Set for Early 2016

CHARLESTON, South Carolina—In advance of the 2016 ALA Midwinter Conference, BiblioBoard has made a number of announcements about their 2015 growth and business direction for 2016.

Most recently they unveiled Pressbooks Public, a robust self-publishing tool that lets libraries help authors write, edit, design and publish their manuscripts as professional-quality electronic and print books in a variety of formats.
This new service works alongside existing BiblioBoard community engagement programs including SELF-e (a partnership with Library Journal) and Creator, resulting in a comprehensive suite of multi-media publishing tools for patrons.


BiblioBoard’s Creator platform launched in 2013 as an offshoot of the company’s long-term relationship with the British Library. It serves as digital makerspace for the creation, curation and hosting of library-driven local media projects. The newly announced Creator Certification program makes it even easier for libraries to support users who want to create multimedia digital collections showcasing local history, events, artistic exhibits and more—all seamlessly integrated into the library’s discovery experience with unlimited, simultaneous access on the Web and mobile devices.

BiblioBoard’s ongoing effort to place the library at the center of its local creative community began in late 2014 with the introduction of the SELF-e program as a solution both for libraries seeking to acquire curated self-published ebooks, as well as for authors looking to expand their audiences.

BiblioBoard Founder & Chief Business Officer Mitchell Davis says: “SELF-e was a critical first step, but Pressbooks Public gives libraries the ability to support writers through the entire lifecycle of their books, from the first word they type to commercial availability worldwide. This creates a much stronger role for the library in the future of the book.”

The SELF-e program saw thousands of submissions during the first year and the first Library Journal SELF-e Select curated collections are being released at ALA’s midwinter meeting this week.

The New PUBLIC ACCESS Platform: Widening the Arena

Local creatives, including authors and historians, will soon have the option to publish their content for Public Access to share their passions not just with their own library members, but with the greater global community as well.

The Public Access platform will launch in early 2016 with tens of thousands of curated digital objects from students, academic institutions, non-profits, community colleges, small public libraries and national libraries.

“Librarians have loved the ease with which we have helped them be great at 21st Century publishing on behalf of their patrons, members and staff,” says BiblioBoard’s Davis. “They are seeing the things being created by their patrons and want to share them with the larger world.

“The timing was perfect to build a Public Access version of BiblioBoard, not only to expose this creative work to more people, but also to help drive more digital traffic to our libraries,” says Davis.

For more information on the scheduling of BiblioBoard Public Access’ launch, please contact BiblioBoard’s Allie McKinney - [email protected].

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BiblioBoard is the PatronsFirst mobile library. The folks behind BiblioBoard form a powerful team based in Charleston, South Carolina. They aim to transform access to information by providing a world-class user experience that thrills library patrons and is profitable for publishers. BiblioBoard is moving library content delivery into the future in a sustainable way, and is a proud member of the Charleston Digital Corridor.

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