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Expanded Functionality with URSA® 4.1 Resource Sharing Software

New release includes Java 1.6 support, MS SQL 2005 support, fast response times

PROVO, UT, September 22, 2008 – SirsiDynix, the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries today officially announced the release of an enhanced resource sharing product, URSA® 4.1. URSA, the Universal Resource Sharing Application, has been a leader in library consortial borrowing for over 10 years. The software solution works with any NCIP integrated library solution and can also be configured to work with solutions that do not choose to use the NCIP standard.

URSA automates request placement, quadruples the speed in which patrons receive their requests, and costs less than a third of traditional inter-library loans. It utilizes powerful Z39.50 search engine, de-duplicates search results, authenticates at the home library, and uses optional web-based fill-in request forms.

The update offers a number of enhancements, including support for Java 1.6 and MS SQL 2005, improved response time, improved handling of local holds, expanded truncation for availability rules, greatly expanded History tracking for troubleshooting and a new display of requests within library systems.

“We believe URSA’s latest enhancements will help librarians and patrons alike, with faster and fuller feature offerings. We are pleased to offer the enhancements our customers requested and we are especially pleased to release URSA 4.1 in line with this year’s product roadmap and with the features we promised,” reported Gail Wanner, Technical Product Manager at SirsiDynix.

Gary Rautenstrauch, CEO at SirsiDynix said, “I am proud of everyone who worked on the project: they created this year’s product roadmap, development timeline and testing strategy, then they stuck to it and released on time with a stable product.” He continued, “Most of all, we appreciate our customers and beta testers who told us what they wanted and were indispensible to this release. In fact, along with extensive internal testing, URSA 4.1 has been beta tested at over 50 libraries and branches.”

URSA 4.1 also enables hosting of URSA and Reciprocal Borrowing on SirsiDynix’s popular SaaS (Software as a Service) site. Many SirsiDynix Symphony, Unicorn and Horizon customers have enjoyed cost savings from their years with SirsiDynix SaaS. SirsiDynix has the highest number of SaaS customers in the industry.

To assist upgrading customers, SirsiDynix has trained additional resources in Delivery, Client Care, Consulting, Training, and Project Management. Additional Client Care options have been added specifically for URSA customers at 1-800-288-8020. (Choose #4 for Client Care, then #7 for URSA and Reciprocal Borrowing.)

For a private demo or further information, feel free to contact SirsiDynix at 1-800-228-8020, extension 1 or [email protected].

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