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Cooking With CALIS

For all you foodies out there - newbies and expert (seasoned) - the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services (CASLIS) invites you to submit recipes for our 2008 cookbook.

Do you have a favourite recipe scribbled on an old catalogue card? A special dish from your local area? (Anyone up for tourtière or Saskatoon pie?) A drink you mix to dull the pain of the budget meeting/board meeting/ (it's 4 o'clock somewhere, right?)

Please send in your recipes by October 20, 2008 to [email protected].

Everyone who submits a recipe will have their name entered into a draw for a $25 gift certificate from the Canadian Library Association (CLA) boutique.

For each recipe, please provide:

  • Recipe name
  • Your name, job title and affiliation
  • What type of dish is it? Appetizer; Snack; Drink; Main course; Soup; Side dish; or Dessert
  • Number of servings the recipe makes
  • How long it takes to prepare
  • A detailed list of ingredients, with quantities listed using standard measurements.
  • Detailed preparation instructions (Please check or test your recipes for accuracy before submitting them.)

A few additional notes:

  • Everyone loves a good story so if your recipe has one, send that along too!
  • Quantities for all ingredients should be exact and listed using standard measurements (i.e. teaspoon, tablespoon, cup), so that the recipe is easy to follow and repeat.
  • If possible, please include a print quality photograph of your dish.

Every cookbook needs a name. Submit a suggestion for a title and if we choose your suggestion you can win a free copy of the cookbook.

Cookbooks will be available for pre-order in November with delivery at the beginning of December.

For more information, contact [email protected].

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