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Publishing Company to Raise the Dead

Revelation-Insight Publishing Co. is determined to resurrect many of the old masterpieces from the “Public Domain” graveyard.
Aug 01, 2008 Orlando, Fla. This new and up and coming company has mapped out and begun to excavate various genres within this massive public burial site. Their objective is to segment the various masterpiece work into a “reader leveled” format, which is consistent with the current educational model. This approach will ensure a smooth a transition within the various levels and among the plethora of written bodies material.

The intent is to be canvassed across five specific levels; to include but not limited to an entry level, journeyman’s level and a master’s level based material. This is the corpus of this endeavor, embellished with a “Resource Essentials” Series and a historical series entitled “Desert Fathers”. Each series is to be comprised of at least twelve (12) volumes ea.

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A Christian Publishing Co. with 10 books in print. Currently making their work freely available to public libraries and universities as a means to enhance their respective stock/ inventory.


Bro. Smith SGS
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