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Polytechnic University Goes Live with Koha

ATHENS, OH--June 26, 2008-- LibLime, the leader in open-source solutions for libraries, and Polytechnic University announced today that the Bern Dibner Library has gone live with a Koha ZOOM hosted system.

Bern Dibner's collection is hosted off-site at one of LibLime's secure data centers.

Polytechnic chose Koha because of the flexibility of an open-source ILS. “When it comes to ILS systems, I think our library team has explored every possible option available in the current environment,” says Roupchan Hardowar, Dibner Library’s IT specialist. "After extensive research, we have all concluded that Koha fits the library’s current objectives. We needed a library system capable of adapting and quickly incorporating new or enhanced features from a variety of sources, including our own."

The Dibner Library staff looks forward to joining the open-source community because it embraces innovation and collaboration as a norm. They feel that the ability to have access to the “source” is long overdue. This is something proprietary systems do not offer. Implementing Koha will offer their library an exciting new option –they can now contribute to the development of new applications should they choose to do so.

According to Jana Richman, director of library services, the Open Source concept fits their library’s mission and strategy. They not only want the Koha system to satisfy the traditional role of resource/ knowledge management but also to allow them to partner with others, including LibLime, in developing new features.

Additionally there is the potential for the Koha system to become a laboratory for the university's computer science students. Though using the library catalog as a laboratory is a somewhat novel concept, the Bern Dibner Library is in a unique position to pursue such a partnership. Poly’s Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments are located in the same building as their library and want to collaborate with them.

Says Richman: “Currently we employ about 30 students (undergraduate and graduate), many majoring in computer science or computer engineering. For the past ten years students such as these have learned with us on the job and have essentially run all of our library’s information technology.They are eager to experiment and participate in developing real life solutions.”

“Simply put, Koha and LibLime are a good match for us,” says Richman.

About Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University, one of the nation’s oldest private engineering and technology universities, was founded in 1854 in Brooklyn, New York. Today, it is the New York metropolitan area’s preeminent resource in engineering, applied science and technology management education and research. In addition to its main campus at MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, Polytechnic offers programs at sites throughout the region, including Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester. Additionally, the University offers several programs in Israel..

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About Koha ZOOM

Koha ZOOM represents a generational leap in Koha's development. Notably, it includes a powerful search engine based on Zebra, a high-performance indexing and retrieval engine. Koha ZOOM's search engine can read structured records in practically any input format (eg. email, XML, MARC) and allows access to them through exact boolean search expressions and relevance-ranked free-text queries. It supports large databases (more than ten gigabytes of data, tens of millions of records) as well as incremental, safe database updates on live systems.

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About LibLime

LibLime is the global leader in open-source solutions for libraries, with a mission to make open source accessible to libraries. Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, LibLime educates libraries about the benefits of open source, enabling them to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. LibLime then facilitates implementation of open-source in libraries by providing outstanding development, customization, support and training solutions--solutions tailored to each library's needs. For more information, see

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