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Is Science Fiction Predicting the Future?

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing allows readers to see into the future with an “electronic brain”… but are we the first to find this technology?

The BBC recently reported that Britain has developed an “electronic brain” — a web technology that not only revolutionizes the way individuals surf the net, but the way knowledge is gathered.

This web based technology, nicknamed “Alpha”, is projected to be as important as Google. Think of what would happen if Google (search engine) and Wikipedia (information database) decided to merge their technologies. The outcome would be an amalgamation of information all in one place when you want to search.

It seems as though the stuff of science fiction novels is finally coming to light. In June 2009, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is releasing a book that explores just this — a web based technology that can view and understand everything on the internet. Entitled “The Oracle Paradox”, this story encompasses the essence of Alpha — an all knowing program that can see, hear, and read every byte of information that is connected to the internet.

How might Alpha effect your future? Picture Amazon’s predictions that state “If you enjoyed this product, you might enjoy…” mingling with Alpha. The result is Oracle — an artificial intelligence that can predict people’s behavior based on habits.

But what happens when the technology supersedes its programming and the predictions cease to make sense?

To see the predictions of where this technology might lead us, read “The Oracle Paradox” by Stephen L. Antczak.

The Oracle Paradox:

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