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Explaining the Nuclear Power Plant in the Backyard to Children


Explaining the Nuclear Power Plant in the Backyard to Children
Children’s Book Uses Fun Format to Teach about Nuclear Energy

Apex, NC, October 25, 2011—In the words of renowned nuclear expert Dr. Theodore Rockwell, “now kids can learn the basic facts about nuclear energy without first being scared witless.” Nutcracker Publishing Company announced today it is getting ready to  “radiate brilliance” with the release of a children’s picture book that explains the inner workings of a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works! by Amelia Frahm, is both educational and entertaining,  and it offers parents and educators an opportunity to teach children about nuclear energy in a fun and unbiased way.

The book is being released in the wake of Japan’s nuclear disaster and has faced criticism from anti-nuclear activists. The topic is timely, as the future of nuclear power plants is currently in question.

“I was putting the final touches on the book when Japan’s nuclear accident occurred, but I had recognized the need for this book from past experience,” said author Amelia Frahm. “After college, I was hired to do public relations at the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant.  It was after Three Mile Island and during Chernobyl.”  One of Frahm’s job assignments was to do an elementary school program.

Frahm always wished for a more creative format to explain nuclear energy to her students. Her book explains how a nuclear power plant works through the eyes of a rat and bird who believe the local nuclear power plant was designed by a cat named Penelope so she could use electricity to cook them for dinner.

Parents and educators can get a glimpse of what to expect from the book from the following video: News anchor Birderson Cooper interviewing the book’s chubby rat character as he demonstrates a fission chain reaction or as he says, “what makes anuclear power plant nu-cle-ar.”

Frahm is no stranger to writing a children’s book that deals with difficult subject matter. She previously authored the award-winning picture book Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-tankerous Mommy.

Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works! costs $9.95 and is available from the publisher, at Barnes & Noble Bookstores, on line at, and at other bookstores.

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Nutcracker PublishingCompany was founded in 2001. The company publishes children’s books that educate, entertain, and make it easier to establish a dialogue between children and adults about difficult subjects such as cancer and nuclear power. Nutcracker Publishing Company is based in North Carolina.  Crack Open a Book! Visit:

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