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Bibliographic Services becomes Metadata Services

Kat Kamp
Backstage Library Works
[email protected]

PROVO, Utah, May 30, 2014 — Backstage Library Works (, a leading provider of technical services to libraries and publishers around the world, announced today the reorganization of its bibliographic services division to reflect the department’s expanded focus of providing all types of metadata services.

Over the course of 27 years, Backstage has evolved from working exclusively with MARC records to rule sets such as RDA and TEI with record formats such as Dublin Core, EAD, and a range of XML schema. The metadata services group creates descriptive information for materials in any format – books and other physical objects, e-materials, digital objects, web sites, and more.

Prior to RDA implementation, Backstage explored its clients’ needs for this significant change in the cataloging standard. They participated as one of only two vendor partners in the Library of Congress RDA testing period. Backstage began offering RDA services more than a year ahead of the implementation schedule. Its capabilities for automated and manual RDA upgrade and cataloging processing are far ahead of competing vendors.

Similarly today, Backstage is at the forefront and is positioned to adapt to the next generation of bibliographic description while supporting libraries and publishers with current formats. Their cutting edge proprietary technologies streamline complex operations, combining the best elements of automation with hands-on expertise.

John Merrill, president of Backstage states:

“Our capabilities have expanded so much in recent years that it just did not make sense to not use the proper naming convention. We provide all types of metadata services. We stay ahead of the trends in the industry in order to best serve our clients. As part of serving libraries, we’re taking part in building the future of linked data (including BIBFRAME) and other descriptive schema. ‘Metadata Services’ more accurately describes this part of our mission.”

About Backstage Library Works

Backstage’s objective is to provide the most technologically advanced and efficient means for delivering professional library services. With over 25 years of experience, the company is known for its expertise in handling complex and unique projects. Backstage specializes in solutions for cataloging, authority control, digitization, preservation microfilm, and on-site needs. In providing services to more than a thousand libraries, large and small, public and private, and in locations across the globe, Backstage has cultivated an understanding of libraries, their mission, their operations, and the challenges they face. Backstage offices are located in Provo, Utah, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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