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University of Oxford and OCLC Research collaborate to study digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’ in the transition between high school and university


DUBLIN, Ohio, March 31, 2011—University of Oxford and OCLC Research are collaborating in a six-month JISC-funded study, which is part of a larger three-year longitudinal project to investigate the theory of digital residents and visitors with students in the transitional educational stage, the time between late-stage secondary or high school and the first year of university.

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LAC Group Expands Global Capabilities with UK Division


Global information and asset management leader, LA-based LAC Group, today announced the opening of its new UK office, located in Oxford (London area). The new operation is headed up by Iain Dunbar, a seasoned expert in strategic information and asset management.

According to LAC Group CEO Deb Schwarz, the launch of physical operations within the European Union has been in the works for some time.

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Is Science Fiction Predicting the Future?


EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing allows readers to see into the future with an “electronic brain”… but are we the first to find this technology?

The BBC recently reported that Britain has developed an “electronic brain” — a web technology that not only revolutionizes the way individuals surf the net, but the way knowledge is gathered.

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