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Latest Self Service Library Technology Enables 24-Hour Access


Bloomfield, Conn. – The San Mateo, Calif. based Peninsula Library System, which serves all the
public and community college libraries in San Mateo County, is benefitting from mk Sorting Systems
in providing one of the most technologically advanced service solutions to busy on-the-go library
patrons, resulting in 24-hour access.
Equipment arrived in Millbrae last week and will be operational by the end of the year at the BART
transit station, located at 200 North Rollins Road. The mk LibDispenserTM lets library patrons enjoy

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Alameda opens up new opportunities to serve library customers with mk LibDispenser technology


Bloomfield, CT –mk Sorting Systems is pleased to announce today that Alameda Free Library has installed the mk LibDispenserTM, one of the most technologically advanced solutions to make materials more widely available to patrons anytime and just about anywhere.

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