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Integrated Technology Group 2009 Year-End

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Ends 2009 Showing Growth in all Sectors
Revenue, Profit, Customer Base and Staff all Increase for Fifth Straight Year; New Products Unveiled
Norcross, Ga. – February 10, 2010. The Integrated Technology Group (ITG), a leading supplier of automation technologies for public, academic and school libraries, grew its revenue nearly 45% in 2009 despite the overall weakness of the world economy in virtually all sectors. ITG, a division of Vernon Library Supplies, Inc. has experienced double-digit growth in every year of its existence as revenue, customer base and staff size have continually increased.

“It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to assure our customers that we’re growing consistently and they can count on us for world-class products and service now and into the future,” states ITG President and CEO Shai Robkin. “Our intense focus on R & D and customer support distinguishes us in the marketplace,” he added, “and we will continue to emphasize innovation and service along with our commitment to ‘playing well with others’ as the foundations of our business model.”

From its inception, ITG has been committed to interoperability between its products and those of other library automation companies, an anomaly in a once-proprietary industry. As libraries look for new solutions after choosing other vendors initially, ITG products and systems have become the choice of many decision-makers. “If libraries don’t choose us first,” says Robkin, “they always choose us second.”

In addition to increasing its customer support and production teams by 30% each in 2009, ITG gained a record number of new customers with a year-to-year jump of 20% in the category. The increase occurred in each region of the U.S. as well as Canada.
2009 also saw the introduction of a number of new and improved products from ITG in each of its key product categories. These included:
DiscXpressII™—a jukebox style storage and delivery system for AV materials; configurable for use with individual self-checkout stations or as a central dispensing unit.
All-in-One Handheld RFID Shelf Reader—The first fully integrated RFID handheld reader for libraries with a full watt of power for real speed and accuracy
EM and EM/RFID Hybrid Security Systems—As the preferred North American partner for Dialoc ID of the Netherlands, ITG now offers US and Canadian libraries the finest electromagnetic security technology in the world.
ALPS— (Automated Library Patron Services) public PC and print management: Leave it to ITG to offer a distinctive alternative to expensive, complicated PC and print control systems. ALPS can be remotely installed in 30 minutes and is offered on a subscription basis with no upfront costs or fees.
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AMH—In addition to ITG’s FullSort™ units, expandable to a nearly unlimited capacity, ITG offers industrial-grade performance for small areas with its Compact 3-and-5 Bin FullSort machines and the 2-bin ShortSort™ with the smallest footprint in the library AMH industry.

ITG also announced its EM to RFID Trade-In Program for security systems in 2009. Any library purchasing EM security pedestals from ITG at any time, past or future, may trade them for RFID pedestals from ITG at a guaranteed cost of only $1500 each. The program was designed to give libraries the freedom to make technology investments incrementally, and not have to commit to tagging books and overhauling existing systems all at one time.
As a strategic partner of both SirsiDynix and Polaris, ITG offers customers of those ILS vendors technological enhancements and the ability to purchase ITG products through their existing contracts. During 2009 ITG also partnered with Equinox Software to create a comprehensive bar-coding strategy to assist libraries in the migration to Evergreen open-source ILS.
About the Integrated Technology Group
Integrated Technology Group ( develops, markets, and supports library automation technologies that empower librarians to make operations more efficient and better serve their patrons. ITG's products include patron self-checkout, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Automated Materials Handling (AMH) systems, library materials security, public computer reservation, and print management. With over 30 years experience in the library industry, ITG combines smart technology and progressive design to create standard solutions that can be easily customized to meet site-specific requirements. ITG, a division of Vernon Library Supplies, Inc., is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia.